Managed GRC



Embark on a streamlined path to reinforce your governance program, anchored in comprehensive cyber policies and procedures. Our service provides rigorous governance assessments and facilitates the adept use of tools for efficient management. This practical approach ensures a fortified, well-governed cybersecurity environment, strengthening the governance fabric of your organization.


Risk Management

Our service assists in the conceptualization and development of a risk management program and risk mitigation plan, while continually monitoring shifts in risk landscapes. We provide comprehensive risk assessments and benchmarking to formulate a detailed risk profile. Furthermore, we foster risk awareness and devise strategic risk treatment measures, enhancing the resilience of your operations against potential threats.



Our service is built to support multiple compliance frameworks, enabling swift and effective real-time control management. We provide comprehensive control assessments and workflow management to handle exceptions and stay audit-ready. This approach simplifies compliance management, ensuring your organization is always prepared for unexpected scenarios and audits.

Sphyrna Security & Verity GRC

Ease your documentation workload with our Managed GRC service, leveraging the power of our proprietary software, Verity GRC. Equip your organization with the ability to proactively monitor the wellbeing of your security controls and stay a step ahead of future compliance requirements.

Our Managed GRC service, delivered by seasoned cybersecurity and compliance experts, offers a path to heightened efficiency, increased transparency, and tangible value. Ideal for organizations without a dedicated compliance team or those seeking expert counsel, our service utilizes Verity GRC to provide thoroughly vetted, ready-to-implement security controls and strategies, maximizing your return on investment in compliance management.

The Sphyrna Advantage

Security Experience

Established in 2000, we have a track record of delivering high-impact information security projects for private and public sector clients, including the Government of Canada. As a Canadian pioneer in information security, we consistently stay at the forefront of trends, delivering cutting-edge security solutions that yield reliable results. 

The Truth in One Place

We utilize Verity GRC as the cornerstone of our Managed GRC assessments, leveraging its comprehensive suite of tools to deliver efficient and accurate reviews. Verity GRC offers a unified perspective that not only streamlines the process but also enables informed decision-making and swift responses.

Better ROI

Adopting a Managed GRC approach can be a significant cost-saving measure for organizations. Instead of the financial burden of hiring, training, and maintaining an extensive team of compliance professionals, we provide you with access to a team of experts already equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills. 

Trusted Partner

As your partner in Managed GRC, we bring a wealth of experience across diverse sectors, and an established track record of adapting to unique compliance challenges. Our seasoned expertise, coupled with our commitment to understanding your specific needs, makes us a reliable choice for your GRC program.

Ongoing Assessments

We offer long-term partnerships for ongoing assessments, providing consistent monitoring and evaluation. By choosing us for your continuous assessment needs, you benefit from sustained expert oversight, proactive identification of potential issues, and timely, effective solutions to keep your organization always compliant and secure.

Staff Support

We offer support for your existing IT and compliance teams. Drawing on our extensive experience, we’ve successfully assisted numerous organizations by supplementing their in-house personnel, enhancing their capacity to manage complex compliance requirements. 

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