High assurance for

Data Centers

One-Way Assurance

Our NGXS Unidirectional Gateway is designed to provide a robust unidirectional data transfer mechanism, ideal for enhancing security in data center environments. This ensures data moves in only one direction, significantly reducing the likelihood of unauthorized access and cyber threats.

Optimized Cybersecurity

Leverage cybersecurity solutions respected by the defense sector and optimized for data center environments. Our NGXS products are specifically designed to secure the critical operational technology pivotal to IT data center infrastructure.

Secure and Recognized

Our unidirectional gateway, approved by the CSE and NSA, provides data centers with exceptional security. Designed to meet rigorous standards of protection, it safeguards data integrity and confidentiality, setting a new benchmark in data center cybersecurity.

secure solutions for data centers


Data Protection

Empower your data center with the NGXS Unidirectional Gateway, ensuring a one-way data flow that eliminates the risk of reverse infiltration. With optical-electrical-optical signal conversion, our Gateway defends against unauthorized access, providing a foundation of trust and security for sensitive information.


Advanced Security Architecture

The NGXS Unidirectional Gateway redefines secure data transfer in data centers with defense in depth and diversity in defense strategies. This 1U rack-mounted appliance boasts 10Gbps interfaces for high-speed, reliable data transfer, ensuring that your data is protected by the most advanced security measures available.


High Speed Transfer

Designed for the demanding needs of US data centers, the NGXS Unidirectional Gateway facilitates secure, high-speed data transfers. Supporting TCP and UDP streaming, file transfers, and XML transfers with schema validation, it offers a versatile solution for ensuring data security at 10Gbps speeds.


EAL 4+ Certified

With Common Criteria EAL 4+ certification, our gateway stands as a pinnacle of secure data transfer technology. This certification guarantees that our unidirectional gateway meets the highest international standards for data protection, offering peace of mind in a landscape of evolving cyber threats.


Robust Security Features

Protect your data center’s critical infrastructure with the NGXS Unidirectional  Gateway, featuring a hardened operating system, mandatory access control, and secure boot. Our approach to security minimizes the attack surface and ensures that your data transfers are safeguarded against sophisticated cyber threats.


Enterprise-Grade Performance

Engineered for enterprise readiness, delivering 10Gbps data transfer capabilities alongside dual RAIDed hard drives for operational continuity. With role-based administration and a two-person approval system for major configurations, it ensures secure and efficient management of your data center’s security protocols.


The NGXS Gateway is compliant with the NSA’s Raise The Bar (RTB).

Its compliance with this standard makes the NGXS Gateway a trusted solution for data centers focused on maintaining the highest standards of data protection and regulatory adherence.

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