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We are a highly respected and innovative member of the security community since 2000. We have successfully delivered a multitude of high-visibility, high-impact information security projects over the past 20 years for both private and public sector clients, including the Government of Canada and Province of Ontario. We are a Canadian trailblazer in information security and are continuously ahead of trends by developing leading-edge advanced security solutions that provide proven results.


We have developed innovative security solutions to real-world security challenges that organizations are faced with on a daily basis. These solutions, which include compliance automation and data analytics, cross domain solutions and unidirectional gateways, allow organizations to secure their cyber environment.

Effective compliance 

Extensible cross
domain connectivity

Affordable high-speed unidirectional transfer

OUR SOLUTIONS | Why they are up to the challenge

Effective Compliance Automation with Verity GRC

Security compliance frameworks, like ITSG-33 and ISO 27001/27002, typically contain hundreds of security controls that organizations must address to be compliant. This is attainable, however companies that manage to achieve this themselves usually find that the process must be constantly repeated in order to maintain this state of compliance, which is a difficult task.

Verity, our GRC solution, provides continuous monitoring through compliance automation. When compliance evidence is out-of-date or compliance testing fails, the solution automatically initiates a workflow to remedy the deficiency. Compliance automation, when combined with analytics, can be used to provide security departments with a real-time view of the security posture of the organization.

Extensible cross domain connectivity

The vast majority of cross domain solutions, and nearly all high assurance guards, are developed by U.S. industry in conjunction with U.S. government security, military or intelligence agencies. And most, if not all, cross domain solutions are Information Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) controlled. This is problematic for non-U.S. governments as it complicates benefiting from these solutions, obtaining detailed design/test results and even overall support. On top of these deterrents, the solutions tend to be prohibitively expensive.

Our fully scalable product, Next Generation X-domain Solution (NGXS), is a cross domain solution that would remedy these identified challenges. Our product is fully compliant with U.S. security agency guidance, and would allow Canadian federal government departments and agencies, and 5 eyes partners, to acquire transfer cross domain solutions at an affordable cost and delivered within a reasonable timeframe.

Unlike current guard technology, our solution is scalable and extensible with no inherent limit in the number of domains that can be supported. Furthermore, NGXS provides support for fixed format flows, complex dataflows and streaming data.

Affordable high-speed unidirectional transfer

A unidirectional gateway consists of two systems interconnected by an optical data diode that prevents data transfer in one direction. This one-way information transfer appliance connects two networks of different security levels. The unidirectional gateway also serves to provide a protocol break, ensuring that no protocol can be transferred directly from one network to another. While a number of solutions – both unidirectional gateways and data diodes exist – they are extremely costly.


Our Unidirectional Gateway is an affordable 1-U appliance providing high-speed unidirectional transfer from one integrated system to another across an optical data diode.

Our custom unidirectional software runs on a hardened operating system, and is capable of transferring SFTP, TCP and UDP traffic at very high speeds.


Sphyrna Security’s senior security professionals have proven track records in the industry in terms of securing our clients’ network infrastructure and ensuring the safety of their data.

For more than 20 years our team of highly skilled security professionals have successfully completed hundreds of contracts for both the public service, at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels, and the private sector.

Sphyrna Security has a number of Supply Arrangements that allow us to do business directly with the Federal Government and the Ontario Government in Cyber Protection Services, and Project Management Services. As well, all of our consultants have the requisite security clearances for all levels of security work.

Services include:

  • Certification & Accreditation;
  • Security Architecture & Design;
  • Security Engineering;
  • Security Research & Development; and
  • Vulnerability & Penetration Testing.

CUSTOMERS | Organizations we support

Sphyrna Security has had the distinct pleasure of working with a number of leading private and public organizations.


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