High assurance for

Nuclear Energy

Defense Grade

Leverage the power of cybersecurity solutions trusted by defense agencies. Our products, while rooted in defense applications, offer the right protection for the nuclear energy sector.


Unidirectional Protection

Our NGXS Gateway offers a robust unidirectional data transfer mechanism, making it ideal for securing IT systems in the energy sector. By allowing data to flow only in one direction, it mitigates the risk of unauthorized access and cyber-attacks.


High-Speed Reliability

Equipped with 10Gbps interfaces, our unidirectional gateway ensures that IT and OT networks run smoothly without compromising security. 

Built for Maximum Security


Beyond Compliance

While many solutions aim to meet standard regulatory requirements, our gateway’s hardened operating system and security features go above and beyond, offering an unmatched layer of security for energy sector applications.


Intrusion Resistant

The NGXS Gateway comes with built-in intrusion detection and specialized locks, adding an extra layer of security to your networks. This makes it highly resistant to both physical and cyber tampering.


High Assurance Separation

Ensures strong isolation between OT and IT networks, enabling the IT network to monitor OT systems and networks without risking the security or integrity of the OT network.


Adaptable Security

Whether you’re dealing with oil, gas, or renewable energy networks, our gateway is designed to integrate seamlessly. Its adaptable nature makes it a one-size-fits-all solution for different types of network architectures.


Role Based Access

Fine-tuned administrative controls ensure that only authorized personnel can modify gateway settings, adding an extra layer of security to your systems.


Support for Seamless Integration

Transitioning to our gateway doesn’t have to be a daunting process. Our dedicated support team guides you through every step, from installation to daily operation, ensuring that your networks are both secure and efficient.

NRC Compliance

Our unidirectional gateway is tailored for nuclear facilities, aligning with NRC Regulatory Guide 5.71’s defense-in-depth strategy. It’s a critical layer in protecting Critical Digital Assets (CDAs) from cyber threats by enabling secure, one-way data flow. This approach prevents the compromise of critical systems, even if other defenses are breached.

By integrating our gateway into your security infrastructure, you leverage a robust defense mechanism that not only meets but exceeds regulatory compliance standards.

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