Reimagining Governance, Risk & Compliance

The Truth in one place

Verity’s compliance management feature make it easy for you to see the truth in a single place. Some of these features include having the ability to prioritize controls for high profile projects, being able to define common services and policies that can be leveraged across compliance initiatives and incorporating the concept of control maturity into the assessment. 

Plan of Action

Manage Risks Effectively

Verity’s Plan of Action feature allows you to define risk mitigation tasks and track resource allocation. Manage the entire process through specific parent tasks, sub-tasks and milestones.

Risk Management

Identify and track risks

Use Verity’s Risk Registry to add risks and link to a mitigation plan. Track and assess risks through the Risk Catalog which shows you a list of assets with deficient or unassessed controls.

Access Control

Role-based access

User management is well defined in Verity. Users can be assigned to one or multiple roles which can be assigned Read, Create, Edit and Delete permissions on a per feature and per section basis. 


Multifactor authentication can be turned on or off in the user roles section and can be enforced on a per-role basis.

Risk Dashboard

The Dashboard shows your risk exposure relative to risks entered in the Risk Registry. Overall and individual risks are tracked over time.

Export to PDF

All tables in Verity can be generated as PDF and CSV files. Dashboards can be exported as PDF files.


Verity’s Audit feature tracks how and when Verity is used by its user base, as well as any access attempts by unauthorized users.


All you have to do is customize your framework’s target maturity to get started.


Verity comes pre-built with multilingual functionality. For an additional fee, we can quickly implement a version of Verity in your language of choice.

ITSG-33, NIST 800-53

If you need to use Verity for your ITSG-33 or NIST 800-53 compliance program, we can offer you preloaded profiles right away.


With Verity’s Policies feature, it’s easy to create, track and assess policies. Assessments can then be applied to all assets that use the assessed policy.


The Assets page provides you with an immediate summary of how many controls are still incomplete or deficient for that asset. 

Trusted by the Government of Canada

Verity is a trusted provider for the compliance needs of several Government of Canada clients.

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