High assurance for

Defense & Intelligence


Fast Transfer Speeds

Experience one of the fastest gateways on the market today. Equipped with 10Gbps interfaces, our unidirectional gateway ensures rapid data movement without compromising security, making it an essential tool for defense and intelligence operations.


Certified for Excellence

Our dedication to quality and security is evident in our Common Criteria Certification (EAL4+). This globally recognized certification ensures that our products meet rigorous security standards, making them ideal for defense and intelligence applications.

Decades of experience

Our team boasts years of experience working closely with defense and intelligence agencies. This deep-rooted understanding of the sector’s unique challenges allows us to tailor our solutions to meet the most stringent requirements.

Unidirectional Transfer for high security


Eliminate threats

By ensuring data can only flow in one direction, we eliminate the risk of external threats and unauthorized access. This one-way transfer mechanism is a cornerstone for defense and intelligence agencies, offering an unparalleled layer of protection against potential attacks.


Seamless Integration

Ease of use is at the forefront of our design philosophy. Our gateway offers a plug-and-play experience, allowing defense and intelligence agencies to integrate our solution effortlessly into their existing infrastructure.


Customizable Solutions

We recognize that every defense and intelligence operation is unique. Our team is on standby to customize our solutions, ensuring they align perfectly with specific mission objectives and operational requirements.


Hardened Operation System

Our gateway runs on a hardened OS specifically tailored for security. By stripping away unnecessary services and functionalities, we significantly reduce the attack surface, making it even more challenging for adversaries to exploit potential vulnerabilities. 


Role Based Administration

Our system takes role-based administration to the next level by offering a custom administrative interface that supports multiple languages. Designed for global adaptability and ease of use, this interface can be accessed seamlessly through an Internet Protocol (IP) Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM). 


Training & Support

We don’t just provide products; we offer comprehensive training and support. Our experts are available to guide defense and intelligence teams through every step of the integration process, ensuring optimal performance and security.

Intelligence Operations

Our EAL 4+ Common Criteria certified unidirectional gateway ensures that sensitive intelligence data flows only in the intended direction, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access or external threats. This level of protection makes it an indispensable tool for agencies focused on intelligence gathering.

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